We strive to provide exceptional and personalized services that are specifically designed to cater to the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We understand that every business has its own set of challenges and objectives, and we are dedicated to addressing these concerns with customized solutions.

Our ultimate aim is to help our clients achieve their goals by improving efficiency, enhancing controls, reducing overhead costs, and increasing flexibility and scalability. We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach is not sufficient to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Therefore, we take the time to understand each client’s business processes and challenges to deliver tailored services that can effectively address their specific needs.

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Fund Accounting Services

  • Financial reporting packages
  • Investor relations administration
  • Contribution and distribution reporting
  • Capital calls and draw requests
  • Waterfall maintenance and calculation
  • Audit and tax support liaison

Financial Reporting

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Calculation of fund NAV
  • Capital account maintenance
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Other reports as required in operating agreements
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Investor Relations 

  • Investor reporting and communications
  • Distribution notice preparation & dissemination
  • K-1 distribution and review
  • Transaction confirmation notices
  • Generate and distribute investor capital account statements
  • Subscription and redemption processing

Management Company Services

  • Monthly/Quarterly financial statements
  • Back-office operations
  • Account reconciliations
  • Cash flow management and reporting
  • Budget and forecasting
  • Payroll and benefits administration
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Accounting Services

  • Invoice payment and processing
  • Customizable management reports
  • Expense report processing
  • S-Corp payroll
  • 1099/1096 and franchise tax filing

Consulting Services

  • Tax planning and compliance strategies
  • Formation of US funds
  • Referrals to other professional service providers (independent auditors, attorneys, brokerage, etc.)
  • Due diligence

Business Services

  • Filing system creation and organization
  • Policies and procedure creation
  • IRS representation
  • Merger and acquisition support
  • Development of automated bank feeds
  • Other support functions
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Additional Services Offered

  • Business advisory services
  • Prior period clean up
  • Debt financing requests for documents
  • Financial reporting systems creation
  • Software selection and implementation
  • Accounting systems conversions or setup

Back-office Operations

  • Start-up assistance and consulting
  • Full service human resources
  • Ad hoc or special projects
  • Other support functions

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